AnylabTALKS is a podcast, produced by ANYLAB, about the people behind the world of design and architecture.

AnylabTALKS features candid, revealing portraits of curious and courageous people in architecture, design and beyond who have a distinct perspective on future. Podcast host, architect Nurgul Yardim Mericliler respectively interview a leading mind who has made a profound impact in their own field, contributed to the larger conversation, and is concerned with the planet we all share. AnylabTALKS value the time -especially listeners’ time. Each episode is around a half an hour, long enough to establish a thoughtful, intimate conversation and offer insights. AnylabTALKS also believe that a podcast doesn’t just have to be a rich audio experience. That’s why, on the site and social media platforms, you’ll find corresponding visuals of the interviews and alongside them edited transcripts of the interviews.


AnylabTALKS offer a window onto the expanding field of contemporary architectural and design practice through discussions on the current projects, research, and future perspectives of invited guests from emerging and well- established practices. We focus on both current issues and the architects’ own experience. The purpose of the conversations is to open new doors to listeners from different ages, locations and backgrounds.



When we’re looking for guests, we ask ourselves if they are going to teach the audience, inspire them to take action, and have fun. All three of those elements make the right fit for anylabTALKS.


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It is possible to erach the data of AnylabTALKS audience listening episodes from different platforms; where they are in the world, age ranges, listening levels and gender information.


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EPISODE SPONSORSHIP: A fifteen to thirty-second text can be thought of as a model that we read to the audience at the beginning or end of the episode. Read by the anylabTALKS podcast host, telling the audience the value the brand. It is important to create more brand awareness or promote a new product or service.

SEASON SPONSORSHIP: Being a season sponsor is not only an advertising opportunity, but a great way to show brand’s support on architecture and design world.

LIVE PODCAST x PARTNER EVENT: It is the live podcast recording thought to be made within the organizations.

LIVE PODCAST SPONSORSHIP: Being a sponsor for the live podcast event.