Anylab Experimental Studio is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design, and architectural communications based in London, UK. We rely on the power of speaking, events, exhibitions, and new media to further spread awareness and participation amongst architecture and design. Anylab is driven by a passion for excellence and re-imagining conventional ways of working and collaborate with like-minded architects, developers, brands, and designers from around the world to deliver this experience.

This website is a catalog of projects and a description of the studio, which serves as an introduction to Anylab’s working practice.

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Venice Pavilion

Venice Architecture Biennale Turkey Pavilion Finalist project


 “Manifacto” project is one of the finalists among nine projects. This exhibition design is for the open call of the Turkey Pavilion in 15th International Venice Architecture Biennale.

Co-Curated by: Dicle Uzunyayla & Nurgül Yardım & Suranda Nanayakkara

While the market economy conditions, use and property values of the city are daunting, they state that they want to live in the city, which allows the majority of the displaced refugees to live in a more isolated camp, rather than in an isolated camp.

The relationship of a family with mentally handicapped children to the public to reach the right to health, or the transfer of a family of flame to the park from the camp with the threat of political pressure, or the method of sharing two rooms with two unfinished rooms consisting of two families is a unique social capital of every asylum-seeker.

Manifacto aims to be able to make the social capital that is embedded in this space and to be able to be used and share the social capital, and to reveal the nature and value of the community and community.


Nurgul Yardim Mericliler 

Nurgul Yardim Meriçliler is an architect, podcaster, and founder of Anylab Experimental Studio. She received her degree in Bachelor of Architecture from the METU (2009, High Honours) with mansion prize at Arciprix graduation project and her Master of Urban Design from the ITU (2011). She is a registered architect in Turkey. Nurgul started her career working on EAA as a project architect. After this, Nurgul spent six years working at BKA both as a Senior Architect and Head of Public Relations where she honed her experience in museum and cultural centre projects, exhibition design and  leading a PR team experiencing in the interfaces of architecture, media, marketing, business development and events presented many diverse opportunities to express architecture studio’s vision to the world. Nurgul also undertakes a number of workshops, talks and lecture roles, including teaching basic design course. She is a doctoral researcher in Bilgi University, Department of Media and Communications, where she is examining the architectural space in the maker movement and how they are addressed in London.  She has been a volunteer of YGA since 2008, a non-profit organization that cultivating selfless leaders for a brighter future.


Melis Salirli  / Architect

Melis graduated from Bilgi University Architecture Department. She is doing her Masters in MA Management at the University of Westminster. She is a qualified architect with skills in sales, teamwork, analysis and project management through working as an architect on high profile construction projects in the tourism industry and through target driven sales experience within the hotel sector.

Keyi Chen  / Service & Industrial Designer

Keyi studied Industrial Design MA/Masters at Central Saint Martins following her BA/Bachelor’s degree in Product Design. She has gained a variety of work and internship experience in different sub-fields of design, and the ability to collaborate with people, brands and projects in China and in the UK. Keyi is a creative and enthusiastic designer and she has been involved in several creative fields of consumer electronics, branding & packaging,  furniture design, UI & UX design, service design, fine art, photography and events planning.  She tries to create a bridge between conventional products and modern usage techniques, thereby increasing the users’ sense of participation and enthusiasm when interacting with a new technology, as well as fostering a strong emotional connection between users and products. 

Jean Marc Feghali / Sound Professional

Jean Marc is a PhD candidate at Imperial College London developing new emergency evacuation systems for the visually impaired. He is very passionate about public speaking and music production. Jean currently owns an independent label and have produced and released tracks in collaboration with various artists. 


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