Angela Dapper

anylab episode 8

This episode’s guest is Angela Dapper, principle of Grimshaw Architects; leading hotel, commercial and cultural projects. This interview was recorded in Grimshaw Architects in London. Angela is currently focused on research and development of people based on buildings integrated with public space. Before joining Grimshaw, she was a Partner at Denton Corker Marshall Architects where she was involved in several landmark London projects. She led the design and construction of Stonehenge Exhibition and Visitor Centre. Following this success, Angela was shortlisted for the Architect’s Journal Emerging Woman Architect of the Year. We talk about the culture of architecture, human-based design and gender equality in the discipline. 


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Transcript of the episode -last question-

*This interview was recorded in Grimshaw Architects London office on May 8, 2019. The transcript has been edited and slightly condensed for clarity.

Nurgül Yardım Meriçliler (host):  Regarding the future, what are you optimistic about?

Angela Dapper (principal Grimshaw Architects): I’m optimistic about doing things better. I do a lot of commercial work, and I’ve been speaking to a lot of commercial developers.  They are not interested anymore in just doing a building in a site; they’re interested in making a community making and a neighbourhood. How we are impacting people, how we are creating connections, how we are improving the surrounds… I think this is important and where it goes back to “people-focused”. So less about the money on people will say, okay. It’s not about gross to the net anymore. It’s not about just the areas we can squeeze out of a building. Because we have fewer areas, but we have a better quality of building just like… Hallelujah! This is what we want to hear as architects. Because we’re interested in what we’re creating and it shouldn’t be a formula, it shouldn’t be about making money. Because successful building should be about people enjoying, working in them, living in them or sharing them.


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