Architects Love Media … but?

twitter final“Buildings are conceived and transformed through media rather than simply represented in the media. Furthermore, architecture is itself from the beginning, a form of media.” – Beatriz Colomina, Skinless Architecture, 2003

This online & live talk will question how we can define “media” in architecture. Is media only a tool, or is it a space dialogue and debate? Speakers will present their idea of media and demonstrate how media can explore the connections between architecture and its representation. Discussing with technology, distance, platforms, and interfaces; the talks will feature not only architects but also architectural photographers, editors, architecture critics, designers, and curators.


Dara Huang / Architect, Founder of DH Liberty, Co-founder of Vivahouse

Jim Stephenson / Photographer, Film-maker, founder of Clickclickjim

Bobby Jewell / Press and Communications Consultant, Co-organiser of the Negroni Talks, Coordinator at ACAN

Tom Wilkinson / History Editor of The Architectural Review, author of Bricks and Mortals

Nurgul Yardim / Architect, Podcast Host (Chair)

Additional speakers TBC


Architects love media

Please note you will need a Zoom account to view this event:

The zoom link will be sent to ticket holders via email.

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