Architects Love Media … but?

“Buildings are conceived and transformed through media rather than simply represented in the media. Furthermore, architecture is itself from the beginning, a form of media.” – Beatriz Colomina, Skinless Architecture, 2003 This online & live talk will question how we can define “media” in architecture. Is media only a tool, or is it a space [...]

Benedetta Tagliabue

This interview was recorded in Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio in Barcelona on February 25, 2020. “The human energy in architecture is so important. This energy comes out of feeling well in a place; having your space, the possibility to join the others and to meet the others.” - Benedetta Tagliabue anylabTALKS · Human Energy, Life [...]

Ricardo Emilio Bofill

This interview was recorded in La Fábrica, Barcelona; headquarter of Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, on February 28, 2020, the 3,100 sqm former cement factory which Ricardo Bofill discovered in 1973 and has repurposed as his studio, office and residence. In this episode, Anylab founder Nurgül Yardım talks to Ricardo Emilio Bofill Maggiora Vergano. President of [...]

Mina Hasman – Uygar Yüksel

We're LIVE with Mina Hasman, Sustainability Expert at SOM and Uygar Yüksel, Director of EAA London Studio. We don't know exactly what this new future looks like in these unprecedented times, of course. But we can talk about our "new normal" in the design ecosystem. This talk will be in Turkish and live on Youtube.  [...]

Calling’20 Online Talks – 1

  As we face unprecedented challenges with Covid-19, we are aiming to make regular weekly line-up of talks with Mimarizm. Calling'20 talks which will be held via Zoom and live on Youtube mainly discuss about the role of the designer in the crisis environment and share information about reflexes and proposed practices, addressing different aspects [...]