Tarek Merlin


In this episode, Nurgul speaks with Tarek Merlin, Director & Co-Founder of Feix&Merlin Architects, a creative design studio particular interests in the arts and public spaces as well as commercial office and infrastructure projects. Tarek graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture and originally worked at Foster & Partners before joining Alsop Architects. He played a key role on some of Alsop’s most high profile projects. Tarek went on to become a Senior Architect at Yoo, a high-end interior design studio co-founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck. Tarek speaks about the best parts of being architects and his thoughts about change. Also, this conversation touches upon many topics, from creating spaces that enable collaborative environments to client sides of the projects.

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Articles by Tarek Merlin: Architect’s Journal


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Dara Huang

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In this episode, anylabTALKS host Nurgul speaks with Dara Huang founder of Design Haus Liberty, a London-based architecture and design practice. Dara has received numerous awards and honours including Property Weeks 40 under 40, BBC China’s 100 Women, and three RIBA competition recognitions. This conversation touches upon many topics, from how buildings need to be paired with technology and immersive experiences to becoming a new generation of the designer. Dara also speaks about her passion for creating value and leading design in emerging market trends, DH Liberty’s collaborations and boundaries of the way architects engage clients. We hope you enjoy.


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DH Liberty Projects mentioned in the episode:

Analog Folk HQ

My Chelsea Hotel

VivaHouse Co-Living


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Juliette Mitchell

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We’re launching our podcast’s fourth episode today! Nurgul talks with Juliette Mitchell founder of Architypal a writing consultancy for architects.

Architypal’s goal is to help architects and designers by getting their words just right. We talk about the power of telling stories in architecture to change people’s minds and make things happen. Juliette provides practical tips for architects to write about their projects. Think you already know what the power of words in architecture? Listen to our conversation!


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Chris Hildrey

anylabtalks chris hildreyIn the third episode of the #AnylabTALKS podcast, we’re delighted to share our interview with Chris Hildrey, founder of Hildrey Studio in London.

Recently, Hildrey Studio has developed Proxy Address Project a database that could connect homeless people with an address from one of England’s 500,000 empty houses so they don’t lose access to vital services while designer in residence at the Design Museum in 2017. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2017 and named as an RIBA Rising Stars in 2018. In this podcast, we talked through his journey to this point, and the ideas fueling his practice today.

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Hildrey Studio Projects mentioned in the episode:

Unpaid Overtime Resarch

Seymour Palace

Rooftop Terrace

Proxy Address Project

Jonathan Mizzi

SEASON 1-2In this episode, I speak with Jonathan Mizzi, founder of Mizzi Studio, award-winning architecture and design practice. He is currently rolling out nine sculptural kiosks in London’s Royal Parks and a new Serpentine Café, with a fantastical sweeping brass canopy, Serpentine Bridge. In this interview, Jonathan talks about his love for science fiction and high-tech architecture, through his experiences Foster and Partners, renowned interac­tive design studios, Jason Bruges Studio and Cinimod Studio and Mizzi Studio.

Think you already know what Jonathan Mizzi is really excited about for future? Tune in to find out.



Mizzi Studio Projects mentioned in the episode:

The Royal Parks kiosks

Awkward Table

Chiswick House School

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Aleksa Rizova

Aleksa Rizova

ANYLAB TALKS is a new podcast about the people in the architecture and design culture. We share their ideas, interests, projects and even their own stories. Taking architecture as our starting point and let the conversation flow freely from there. We invite you to listen in as we talk about the awareness of buildings, designs, places that make a generous contribution to the environments in which we live.


In our first episode special to women’s day as well, I speak with Aleksa Rizova, founder of the Aleksa Studio in London. We talk about  Aleksa studio’s bold and innovative designs and interaction of new media platforms and discuss the materials and fabrication through advanced techniques.

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Aleksa Studio

Is Instagram changing the way we design the world?

Aleksa Studio Projects mentioned in the episode:

3D Printed Table

Kiko Milano Window

Covent Garden Shop

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Sound arrangement & Recording  Jean Marc Feghali

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