As a Volunteer Staff at London Design Festival 2018; Anylab’s founder Nurgul experienced many artworks, installations, and exhibitions. Beyond all these, Anylab had change to understood that the most important thing in these events is the culture that created and the people coming together to think, to publish them  in our social media channels.

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V&A Museum : LDF 2018 has several projects and installations at the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the LDF late night in V&A, as Anylab we assisted Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov with his ‘The Onion Farm’ installation in Room 94 of the V&A’s Tapestry Galleries.




The Global Design Forum: The Global Design Forum is the London Design Festival’s annual programme of talks exploring the role of design in a sustainable and prosperous future taking place in the Hochhauser Auditorium and the The Lydia And Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre. I’d assisted the Festival team with speaker check ins, visitor directing and  Q&A session assisting.






Brompton Design District: The Brompton Design District is a partnership between leading international brands, independent retailers, local restaurants and cultural institutions. District was established in 2006 to foster a space where new design can flourish. The 2018 theme for the programme is ‘Material Consequences’, set by curator Jane Withers. The District’s main exhibition space, 3 Yeoman’s Row,  is the part of the ‘Material Consequences’ theme. I’d directed visitors to the different parts of the exhibition and answered their questions about the theme of Material Consequences.




Special Thanks :

Chloë Harris / Programme and Events Coordinator / LDF

Anna Stewart / Design Consultant  / Brompton Design District

Natalia Goldchteine / Program Administrator / Brompton Design District


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Pecha Kucha


PechaKucha – Nurgül Yardım from Mixer on Vimeo.

BALCONIES will save the art

On Tuesday evening, April 29, an extraordinary event took place in Mixer. This PechaKucha Night Istanbul event, organized by the Mixer team in collaboration with 34Solo, brought together architecture and contemporary art. Those who missed the night can follow the writers of the night on the Mixer blog. The first article of this series is from Architect Nurgül Yardım and her PechaKucha presentation called “BALCONIES will save the art”

– Reflections on the evening of Pecha Kucha –

It was inspiring to listen to the discovery of contemporary art and architecture by architects, to think about it and to dream about it. Thanks to the architects, artists, art lovers and city lovers who attended the night and those who thought about it.

If it is not possible to think about art away from people, it would not be possible to separate architecture with the city. When you think about it, the architecture of the city’s art and the architecture of all people are intense, exciting.

When I’m passing through the streets, I always watch the balconies and think about their identities as exhibitions. Maybe one day, they could be the new spaces of art, who knows?


Design Together

Thinking about the city, building, space and life in the YGA Leadership Camp for the students aged between 10-14.

Tutors: Ali Dur & Nurgul Yardim