Aleksa Rizova

Aleksa Rizova

ANYLAB TALKS is a new podcast about the people in the architecture and design culture. We share their ideas, interests, projects and even their own stories. Taking architecture as our starting point and let the conversation flow freely from there. We invite you to listen in as we talk about the awareness of buildings, designs, places that make a generous contribution to the environments in which we live.


In our first episode special to women’s day as well, I speak with Aleksa Rizova, founder of the Aleksa Studio in London. We talk about  Aleksa studio’s bold and innovative designs and interaction of new media platforms and discuss the materials and fabrication through advanced techniques.

Links for the episode:

Aleksa Studio

Is Instagram changing the way we design the world?

Aleksa Studio Projects mentioned in the episode:

3D Printed Table

Kiko Milano Window

Covent Garden Shop

Follow Aleksa Studio on social media:

Aleksa Studio on Instagram

Aleksa Studio on Twitter

Special thanks:

Sound arrangement & Recording  Jean Marc Feghali

Photography & Video  Keyi Chen

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