Venice Pavilion

Venice Architecture Biennale Turkey Pavilion Finalist project


 “Manifacto” project is one of the finalists among nine projects. This exhibition design is for the open call of the Turkey Pavilion in 15th International Venice Architecture Biennale.

Co-Curated by: Dicle Uzunyayla & Nurgül Yardım & Suranda Nanayakkara

While the market economy conditions, use and property values of the city are daunting, they state that they want to live in the city, which allows the majority of the displaced refugees to live in a more isolated camp, rather than in an isolated camp.

The relationship of a family with mentally handicapped children to the public to reach the right to health, or the transfer of a family of flame to the park from the camp with the threat of political pressure, or the method of sharing two rooms with two unfinished rooms consisting of two families is a unique social capital of every asylum-seeker.

Manifacto aims to be able to make the social capital that is embedded in this space and to be able to be used and share the social capital, and to reveal the nature and value of the community and community.